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Dear Vaughns Refuse Customer,
Vaughns Refuse, Inc. (Vaughns) and Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Inc. (Kimble) are pleased to announce the residential and commercial customer routes of Vaughns have been acquired by Kimble effective March 1, 2022. The acquisition by Kimble ensures that the customers of Vaughns will deal with a stable, locally owned company, who will provide dependable service. Kimble has been serving the local area for many years, and Vaughn Vukovich, owner of Vaughns, is confident Kimble will provide the high quality of service you deserve. You are probably not aware, but Vaughn was hospitalized with COVID-19 in 2021. Without getting too detailed, he was on a ventilator and unconscious for several weeks. Over a year later, there are still lingering effects. Specifically, his vision and sense of balance are so poor that he cannot drive or perform physical labor.

Today’s tight labor market has made it extremely difficult to find qualified drivers to service your trash needs. Unlike prior years, Vaughn’s lasting impacts from COVID means that he can’t step in and handle things himself. In order to maintain his commitment to you, he has been leaning on friends and family extensively for the past 12 months. While it breaks his heart, he needs to transition your service to another trash hauler. He has had discussions with almost every other hauler in our area, from the national haulers to those so small they wouldn’t be reliable. In the end, he chose a local family-owned company that has a good reputation. As such, he has reached an agreement with Kimble to ensure your service continues un-interrupted at a competitive price.

Although Vaughn will no longer be providing reoccurring residential and commercial collection services, they will continue to provide nonrecurring trailer provided services. Any customers requiring these services can continue to contact Vaughn’s Refuse at 330-966-8856. As part of the transition, Kimble has agreed to maintain your level of service (10 bags per week) and your current billing rate for a period of at least six months. Please contact Kimble if you feel the service level or rate are inaccurate. Please read this letter carefully as it may answer many of your questions regarding the transition.

Collection Day – Kimble will be working to merge the acquired stops into the existing Kimble refuse routes. Currently your collection day will remain the same, however if changes are required you will be notified in advance by letter of any collection day changes.

Collection Time – We ask you to please make sure your trash is out at the curb or edge of the road, the night before your scheduled pickup, to avoid being missed as the time of day you were accustomed to being serviced may change.

Collection Location - Going forward please continue to place all refuse at the curb or edge of the road for removal. To help guarantee pickup, please notify Kimble of any special collection requirements or trash placement.

Additional Services - Kimble will continue to remove up to 10 bags per week on your collection day. Please contact Kimble in advance for pricing and to schedule the removal of bulk items and extra bags. Non-baggable items such as swing sets, carpet, tree limbs, gutters and down spouts must be cut and bundled in lengths not exceeding 48” and fifty pounds. Mattresses, box springs, and upholstered items must be wrapped and sealed in plastic. Consistent with Vaughns’ previous refuse service, the weekly collection DOES NOT include tires, batteries, automotive/truck parts, hazardous/infectious waste, flammable liquids, and any waste prohibited from disposal in a municipal solid waste landfill. If you are interested in reviewing other service level options, or the use of a Kimble 95-gallon two wheeled cart, please contact Kimble Customer Service.

Collection Container - For the safety of our drivers we ask that you place your trash at the curb in 30-gallon bags or cans not to exceed 50 pounds. Cardboard boxes and 55-gallon drums are not acceptable containers.

Holiday Schedule - Kimble does not operate on the following Holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If a Holiday falls on a weekday, service for that day and the rest of the week will be delayed by one day. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your collection day will not be delayed (collection day will remain the same).

Pricing/Billing - Kimble will guarantee the current Vaughns’ pricing based on your service level, provided by Vaughns, for at least six months. Going forward Kimble will bill quarterly and in advance. You should expect to receive your first invoice from Kimble on the first day of your service quarter. Please contact Kimble with any special billing arrangement you may have had with Vaughns. Please take time to verify both the billing and service address listed on the invoice and notify us with any changes needed. Vaughns will issue invoices for services through February 2022 for customers who have not already made payment.

Payments - Please continue to send payments to Vaughns (P.O. Box 910, Uniontown, Ohio 44685) for current balances due on all invoices already received from Vaughns and invoices for services through February 28, 2022. Any prepayments made to Vaughns, or amounts paid on invoices received from Vaughns, for services to be performed after March 1 st, will be automatically transferred to your new Kimble account. Going forward, payments on invoices received from Kimble should be remitted to P.O. Box 448, Dover, Ohio 44622. Debit or credit card payments can also be setup by calling 1-800-201-0005, to make a payment.

Auto Payments - Unfortunately, due to the credit card guidelines, Kimble is unable to transfer the credit card information for those customers currently setup with auto payment with Vaughns. See the enclosed flyer for the automatic credit card payment setup process.

As a Kimble customer, we will strive to provide you with a positive customer experience. If at any time you have a question regarding your solid waste service, please contact Kimble Customer Service by phone at 1-800-201-0005, live chat on our website, or email, Monday through Friday 7:00a.m. – 5:30p.m. and Saturday 7:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. On behalf of all of us at Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Inc., we are pleased to welcome you to our ever-growing family of customers.


Keith B. Kimble
Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Inc.
Vaughn Vukovich
Vaughns Refuse, Inc.